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Are you from India? Are you looking for Udemy Coupons? Don’t worry, we have them for you, directly from the instructors and through our partner website Udemy. At Trydiscountcoupons.com, we ensure that you get your favourite Udemy video courses under Rs. 500 always.

We share exclusive coupons, deals and offers from this giant online education website every now and then. These coupons vary from INR  360, 385, 396, 420, 430, 432, 450, 500, 640, 700 and thereabouts. Consider using such offers and learn the skills of the future!

udemy courses at Rs. 360 India coupon

Right now, 130,000+ courses are going at Rs. 360 each until the next few days. Go ahead and leverage the discount now. Click on any of the links on this page to grab the offer.

This is an exclusive lowest price for people living in India. So, enroll in the best online courses now and learn new skills!

Udemy ₹360 Coupon 

The following is the detail of Udemy ₹360 India Coupon. This will bring down the cost of your favorite courses to lowest price possible. Use it now and don’t forget to let your friends know about it!

Current best offer of the season: ₹385/Course

Exclusive link: Go here

Start Date: 18th of May 2021

Ends on: 27th of May 2021 (Even after the expiration of the offer, if you visit Udemy following any of the links from our website, you still get handsome discount)

Udemy Coupons India and their popularity

The popularity of Udemy in India increasing day by day, hence the demand of Udemy Coupons in India is also increasing. The main reason of increasing popularity of Udemy is the affordability of premium & comprehensive courses, especially with the exclusive coupon codes and deals. Those who are not aware of this giant online learning platform, kindly see the following:

  • There are about 150,000 courses on the platform
  • One can get a course on any topic, the website offers courses 1000+ topic
  • All the courses are 100% online with no deadlines whatsoever
  • Udemy is the leader in terms of number of courses offered, professional instructors (45000+)
  • Whopping 50 million+ students have already enrolled
  • Dedicated Q&A sections for each course
  • No recurring fees at all, you pay one time only!
  • Well knitted curriculum
  • Availability on Android, iOS, Desktop & TV apps
  • Certificate of course completion

Apart from the above, there are other benefits as well. Do check them out on your own, here’s the exclusive link: View here. If you are interested in getting Udemy Coupons for India, simply run a simple search “Udemy Coupons India” and you will find the best offers right away. You can bookmark this page to keep checking as the new offer pops up.

Most Popular Udemy Topics in India

As I have already mentioned above, Udemy hosts courses on 1000s of topics, but the ones that are super popular among Indians are the following:

  • Data Science – This is the most in-demand skill to have for a better future and learners from India have already started gearing up for this topic. Thousands of learners from India are enrolling in top data science courses on Udemy. Here is an exclusive link to data science courses with discount automatically applied
  • Python Programming – Python programming is everywhere, and the mastery of this programming language ensures great career opportunities in the future. No wonder, learners from India are really showing great interest in Udemy’s python courses.
  • Cloud Computing – The Future of hosting is really shifting from traditional to robust cloud hosting. The mastery over this subject can get you hired with top employers.
  • Digital Marketing – Another great topic which doesn’t necessarily require a lot of prior knowledge, and has a lot of opportunities going forward. Thousands of Indians learning digital marketing on Udemy, and the courses from top udemy instructors like Rob Percival and Phil Ebiner helping big time
  • Web Development -Become a professional web developer by enrolling in the best courses that Udemy has to offer. Indian students love to learn this topic on Udemy
  • Android App Development – Another great skill to learn as more people in India have started using smartphones. Having a knowledge of app development could well be a great move. Many students are learning this skill on Udemy
  • iOS App Development – Much like Android, a large portion of Indians have iPhones and the craze is only growing. With the news of Apple coming to India for iPhone manufacturing, the price of iPhone will go down and more people will eventually start using iOS. Therefore its highly recommended that you start learning this skill. Already 1000s of Indian are enrolled in iOS app development courses
  • 2D/3D Game Development  – With the increase in Internet speeds and reach of smartphones, the demand of gaming industry is only seeing upward trend. Its time that you look at this side of the things as well. No wonder many students have already started showing great interest in mastering this skill on Udemy
  • Learning English – English is the backbone for anyone to get more success in the international arena. And, students are showing keen interest in Udemy’s self-paced English classes for the better future

Are you not able to buy Udemy Courses in India?

If you are facing issues in completing the purchase of Udemy courses, don’t worry.  Consider watching the video I have created for learners on my YouTube Channel: Fixing Tiny Tedious Things. Hopefully, it will fix the problem for you.

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Udemy Rs 360, 385, 396 430, 432 450, 500, 640 and ₹700 coupon codes are the best one can get. Utilize these Udemy offers and sales the best way, buy courses at the cheapest price ever.

And, this post is not ending here, I will keep updating the moment a new Udemy coupon or deal arrives. Make sure you check it out as often you can.

Once again, this post is dedicated to Udemy offers, deals and coupons that apply to India only. Do follow on social media to get worldwide discounts and savings.

Brad Traversy Courses on Udemy at 90% Discount



Brad Traversy is one of the fastest Instructors to reach 229K students on Udemy, the largest online learning marketplace. The numbers for the owner of Traversy Media have grown at a great speed. He is a full stack web developer and an Instructor by profession.

Brad brings in 12 years of programming knowledge and 5 years of teaching experience into his courses. No wonder, all of his courses are highly rated.

Last checked on 11th November 2020, Brad has 13 courses on Udemy. The average feedback score of this amazing instructor is 4.7/5 after 89,423 reviews .  Currently 229,329 learners have signed up for his Udemy online courses.

Through this post, we are bringing you the opportunity to enroll in any of Brad Traversy courses at up to 90% discount or more. So, before enrolling in his Udemy course, consider looking at the coupon codes we share.

Here Are The Popular Brad Traversy courses:

Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects

If you want to learn bootstrap 4, then you must look at this course. With this course, you will build five themes while learning HTML 5 semantics and CSS3.

The course is 9.5 hours long, and has 74 lectures. You get 62 supplemental resources with the course as well.

Course Stats:

  • 53,388 students
  • 4.7/5 after 12952 ratings

The normal price of this course is $50, however using the link above, you will get it under $20 or best discount available at the moment.

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

This course is for those who are looking to learn JavaScript from scratch. No frameworks involved in this one. You will be building projects using pure javascript.

This is the most enrolled Brad Traversy course with 72,486 students as of 12th November 2020. The rating of the course is 4.7/5 after 22,097 reviews.

The course includes:

  • 21.5 hours of on demand video
  • 111 downloadable resources
  • 2 articles
  • Lifetime access

To get the course at the best discount, please go here.

Angular Front To Back

Another gem of a course! Brad covers everything there is to learn about angular in this self-paced video class. It is one of the most comprehensive angular courses on Udemy.

You get 11.5 hours of content in this course which is covered in 68 lectures. You also get 58 downloadable resources.

Course Stats:

  • 21,528+ students
  • 4.7/5 rating (after 5920 ratings)

Click on the course title above to get this course around $15, the normal price is $50.

Node.js, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment

Note: This course is no more available for new enrollments.

As the title of the course suggests, you will learn to develop and deploy Node.js, Express & MongoDB applications from scratch. The course is relatively new and is already getting the huge attention.

This is probably the only course you will ever need to master the development to deployment of Node.js, Express and MongoDB apps.

This online course is 9 hours long! It contains 69 lectures and 55 supplemental resources. All in all, one of the very best courses on Udemy.

Course Stats:

  • 1167 students
  • 4.9/5 rating (after 131 ratings)

Just click on the course title to enroll in this course for just $10. The normal price of the course is $100, you are getting 90% discount!

Please share this post with your friends if you find it helpful. We look forward to posting more offers and discounts like this, do follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive the updates 🙂

Udemy Diwali Sale 2020 – Courses at ₹ 420




Udemy Diwali Sale 2020 has just gone live. Approximately, 150,000+ courses are up for grabs at just ₹420 each. Consider enrolling in a course or two and start learning the skills of the future.

Here are the Udemy Diwali sale details:

Start Date: 11/09/20 12:01 AM IST
End Date: 11/13/20 11:59 PM IST

Exclusive Link: View here

This is one of the lowest price offers for Udemy courses ever. Leverage the discount and save big this festival season. If you know someone who wants to learn a new skill, consider letting them know about the offer.

This Diwali gift your loved ones a Udemy course

Udemy Diwali Sale Best Courses

The following is a list of some of the best Udemy courses you may take this Diwali.

  • Number 1 Udemy Course: The Complete Unity Developer course by Ben Tristem (View here)
  • Most Popular Photoshop Course by Manfred Werner (View here)
  • The Complete Ethical Hacking Course by Ermin Kreponic (View here)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2019 by Ryan Kroonenburg (View here)
  • Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop by Dr. Chad Neuman (View here)
  • An Entire MBA in one Course by Professor Chris Haroun (View here)
  • Build 21 iOS Apps with this course by Rob Percival (View here)
  • Learn to make and market apps for Android 7 by Rob Percival and Marc Stock (View here)
  • MS Excel – From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours by Todd Mcleod (View here)
  • Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career by Jason Cannon (View here)
  • Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science  View here
  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 by Rob Percival View here

Pick a course from these topics

courses for a techie courses for creative people Courses for entrepreneurs
Office productivity courses on udemy Courses for Photographers Courses for Adventure lovers
Development courses on udemy Personal development courses on udemy

If you are new to Udemy, consider looking at the following highlights:

  • Hosts 150,000+ Online Courses
  • 50 million+ users from 190+ countries
  • 45,000+ instructors
  • Courses on 1000+ topics
  • Once you take the course, it is yours forever
  • You pay only once, no recurring fees at all

Leverage this amazing offer, take any udemy course at just Rs. 420. Use the Diwali offer the best way this year. Learn a new skill or master an existing skill.

Hope you find this article helpful, if you do, please share it with your loved ones. We look forward to adding more such posts in the future, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive the regular updates.

If you have any questions regarding Udemy Diwali Sale, consider reaching out to use through contact page.

Flipkart Best laptop deals on big billion day 2020

Offers & Deals


bbd lappy sale 2020

Hey everyone, in this post we list Flipkart’s best laptop deals in big billion days sale 2020. Whether you are looking for gaming laptop, office laptop or a laptop for daily day use, we list them all down below. These laptops are available at the best discount of the year at the moment. It is highly recommended that you consider leveraging this opportunity.

In this year’s BBD sale, on top of  up to 50% discount, you get 10% additional discount with SBI cards. Another great thing is, you can use the No Cost EMI option as well. This will help you pay for your favorite laptop at a small monthly installment. In fact, when you buy the laptop today, you pay first installment 1 month later.

You also have the option to exchange your old laptops to get up to ₹20,000 off. All in all, you are getting the best discount of the year.

List of 25+ Best Laptops Discount in Flipkart Big Billion sale:

Best Selling Laptops- Up to 50% Off View here
Top Deals on Laptops – From 12,990 View here
Top Deals on Gaming Laptops- Min 25% Off View here
Ultimate Gaming Laptops- From 89,990 View here
Top Laptop Offers- Up to 40,000 Off- Limited period Only View here
Thin & Light Laptops from Asus, Lenovo, Dell- From 25,990 View here
Best Deals on Top Core i5 Laptops- From 30,000 View here
Best Deals on Top Core i3 Laptops- From 25,990 View here
Best Deals on Top Core i7 Laptops- From 62,990 View here
Top Deals on HP Laptops- Up to 20% Off View here
Top Deals on Dell Laptops- Up to 20% Off View here
Top Deals on Lenovo Laptops- From 22,990 View here
Top Deals on Asus Laptops- Up to 30% Off View here
Premium Laptops starting from 49,990 View here
Top Deals on MSI Gaming- Up to Rs. 40,000 Off View here
Top Deals on Acer Gaming- From 49,990 View here
Top Deals on Avita Laptops- From 12,990 View here
Top Deals on Asus Gaming Laptops- From 49,990 View here
Top Deals on Lenovo Gaming Laptops- From 48,990 View here
Top Deals on Dell Gaming Laptops- From 72,990 View here
Recommended Laptops- Under 40,000 View here
Top Deals on Desktops- Up to 40% Off View here
Top Deals on Asus Vivobook Core i5 10th Gen Laptops- From 47,990 View here
Top Deals on Apple Macbook- Starting from 59,990 View here
Mi Notebook 14- Get Mi Webcam for free along with the purchase of the Laptop View here


Flipkart big billion days sale is the best opportunity for you to buy a laptop for yourself. Do leverage the offer and get the maximum discount possible today. If you have a friend who is looking to purchase a laptop, let them know about the best deals we have shared in this article.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to sharing more posts like this in coming days.

We have been sharing some of the best offers through our YouTube channel as well, do look at them by subscribing to it over here

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Twitter account for exclusive deals and offers from all over the world.

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List of 60+ Smartphones on discount in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale

Offers & Deals



Hello everyone, if you are looking for the best Flipkart Big Billion Days Mobile offers then consider looking at the table down below. It lists 60+ Smartphones that are going at the biggest discount possible in Flipkart big billion days sale 2020.

This table has four columns, explaining:

  1. Mobile Phone Model
  2. Before/Regular Price
  3. Big Billion Days Sale Price
  4. Why you should buy the Smartphone

This list will save you the trouble in choosing the best mobile phone during the Big Billion day sale. The best part is, on top of the sale discount, you can save 10% extra using SBI Cards. Just click on the Model name and you will be taken to the product page where discount applies automatically.

Our best pickSamsung Galaxy F41 (Fusion Blue, 128 GB) (6 GB RAM)

Flipkart Big Billion Days Mobile Offers 2020 - List of 60+ Smartphones with heavy discount #bigbilliondays Click To Tweet

List of 60+ Smartphones on heavy discount with Flipkart Big Billion Days Mobile Offers:

Mobile Regular Price Offer Price Why BUY this Phone?
Google Pixel 4a ₹ 31,999 ₹ 29,999 Snapdragon 730G | The Google Everything Phone
iPhone SE ₹ 42,500  ₹37,990 The Biggest Mobiles Offer
Honor 9X Pro ₹ 18,999 ₹ 16,999 48MP Triple Camera
Realme C12 ₹ 10,999 ₹ 7,999 6000 mAh Battery
Realme C11 ₹ 8,999 ₹ 6,499 5000 mAh Battery, 13MP Dual Camera
Realme C15 ₹ 12,999 From ₹8,499 6000 mAh Battery, 13MP Quad Camera
Realme X3 ₹ 27,999 From ₹21,999 Snapdragon 855+, 64MP Qaud Camera
Realme X3 SuperZoom ₹ 34,999 From ₹24,999 Snapdragon 855+, 60X SuperZoom
Realme X50 Pro ₹ 47,999 From ₹26,999 Snapdragon 865, 64MP Quad Camera
Realme 6 ₹ 17,999 From ₹13,499*
*Incl ₹500 off on Exchange or Prepaid
64MP Quad Camera, 90Hz Display
vivo V20 ₹ 30,990 From ₹22,490*
*Incl ₹2,500 off on Exchange
44MP AutoFocus Selfie
Motorola RAZR 5G ₹ 1,49,999 ₹ 1,24,999 Flip Design, 48MP Camera
Realme 7i ₹ 14,999 From ₹11,999 1st 64MP Quad Camera in the Segment
Samsung Galaxy F41 ₹ 19,999 From ₹15,499 64MP Camera, AMOLED Display
POCO C3 ₹ 10,999 From ₹7,499 13MP Triple Camera, 5000 mAh Battery
Tecno Camon 16 ₹ 13,999 From ₹10,999 64MP AI Qaud Rear Camera
Infinix Hot 10 ₹ 13,999 From ₹9,999 AI Quad Camera
Mi 10 8GB | 256GB ₹ 59,999 ₹ 49,999 108MP Camera, Snapdragon 865
Redmi Note 8 ₹ 12,999 From ₹11,499 Best Camera Phone in Budget
Redmi K20 Pro 6GB ₹ 28,999 ₹ 22,999 Best Selling Xiaomi Flagship
POCO X3 ₹ 19,999 From ₹16,999 120Hz Ultra Smooth Screen
POCO M2 Pro ₹ 16,999 From ₹12,999 The Ultimate All-rounder
Realme 7 ₹ 20,999 From ₹13,999*
*Incl ₹1,000 off on Exchange or Prepaid
64MP Quad Camera
Realme Narzo 20 ₹ 12,999 From ₹10,499 The Surge of Power
POCO X2 ₹ 18,999 From ₹16,499 64MP Quad Camera
Realme 7 Pro ₹ 20,999 From ₹19,999 64MP with Sony IMX Screen
POCO M2 ₹ 12,999 From ₹10,499 5000 mAh Battery
Realme Narzo 20 Pro ₹ 16,999 From ₹14,999 The Speed of Dart
Realme Narzo 20A ₹ 10,999 ₹ 8,499 Snapdragon 665, 5000 mAh Battery
Moto E7 Plus ₹ 12,999 ₹ 8,999 Most Affordable 48MP Camera
Infinix Smart 4 Plus ₹ 9,999 ₹ 6,999 Most Affordable 6000 mAh Battery
OPPO A52 4GB | 128GB ₹ 17,990 ₹ 12,990 Best Price on Latest Launch
OPPO F15 4GB | 128GB ₹ 20,990 ₹ 14,990 Never Before Offer
OPPO A31 ₹ 12,990 From ₹10,990 Lowest Ever Price
OPPO Reno2 F 6GB | 256GB ₹ 19,990 From ₹15,990*
*Incl ₹1,000 off on Prepaid
48MP Quad Camera
OPPO A9 2020 ₹ 18,990 From ₹13,990 Biggest Ever offer from OPPO
OPPO A5s ₹ 12,990 From ₹6,990*
*Incl ₹1,000 off on Prepaid
13MP Dual Camera
OPPO F17 6GB | 128GB ₹ 20,990 ₹ 17,990 30W Flash Charge
OPPO F17 Pro ₹ 25,990 ₹ 22,990 6AI Portrait Camera
OPPO Reno3 Pro ₹ 32,990 From ₹25,990 44MP Selfie
OPPO Reno4 Pro ₹ 37,990 ₹ 34,990 65W SuperVOOC
vivo S1 Pro ₹ 20,990  ₹16,990*
*Incl ₹2,000 off on Exchange
28MP AI Quad Camera
vivo Y50 ₹ 19,990  ₹15,490*
*Incl ₹1,500 off on Exchange
6.53″ FHD+
vivo Y20 ₹ 16,990 From ₹11,990*
*Incl ₹1,000 off on Exchange
5000 mAh Battery, Triple Camera
vivo V19 ₹ 30,990 From ₹20,990*
*Incl ₹4,000 off on Exchange
32MP Dual Selfie
vivo X50 ₹ 39,990 From ₹31,990*
*Incl ₹3,000 off on Exchange
60X SuperZoom
vivo X50 Pro ₹ 54,990 From ₹46,990*
*Incl ₹4,000 off on Exchange
5G Smatphone, 33W Charging
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus ₹ 83,000 ₹ 49,999 Best Price on Samsung Flagship
iQOO 3 ₹ 37,990  ₹29,990* Snapdragon 865, 55W Fast Charge
Asus ROG Phone 3 12GB | 128GB ₹ 55,999 ₹ 49,999 144Hz Refresh Rate
LG G8X ₹ 70,000 ₹ 19,990 Snapdragon 885
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus ₹ 85,000 ₹ 54,999 Craziest Price on Samsung Note Series
Samsung A50s 4GB | 128GB ₹ 24,900 ₹ 13,999 48MP Camera
Samsung A70s ₹ 31,000 From ₹22,999 64MP Triple Camera
Infinix Hot 9 ₹ 11,999 ₹ 8,999 Big Battery, Big Display
Infinix Hot 9 Pro ₹ 12,999 ₹ 9,499 48MP Quad Camera, 5000 mAh Battery
Infinix Note 7 ₹ 14,999 ₹ 10,999 5000 mAh Big Battery

More about Big Billion Days Smartphones Sale

The sale goes live from 16th of October 2020 for normal users. For Flipkart Plus users, the sale starts 1 day early on 15th of October.

Do leverage the discount and let me know if you have any questions about the sale.

Also, don’t forget to look at the other great offers during the big billion days sale:

List of Best Offers in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale

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