Udemy subscription price In India



Udemy Subscription model is very new and it is available with personal plan In India. The price of Monthly and Annual subscription varies.  As of January 2024, the price of Udemy monthly subscription is ₹829/month. And if you take yearly subscription, then it will be around ₹750/month.



With Udemy Subscription, learners will have to pay either monthly or annually to get access to 10,500+ courses. It is a complete opposite plan as compared to getting lifetime access by paying for each course. I personally don’t use Udemy subscription model as of now. But still it is certainly a good option.

More Courses Being Added to Udemy Subscription

The Udemy subscription gives you the access to the very best courses on the platform. The best part is every now and then more courses are being added to the subscription. And, with the same subscription, you get access to all the new additions at no extra cost.

Featured and top rated courses of all categories are part of your Udemy subscription. This way you get access to the very best of Udemy courses across all the topics and subjects..

This automatically helps you choose the very best from the sea of courses. In a way, it is safe to say, if you are looking for the best education content on Udemy, consider taking a look at the subscription model of Udemy.

Otherwise, you have the access to 200K+ courses, use the filters, ratings and reviews to get to the best course for your learning need. And, it is not bad either.

Udemy for Business Subscription Plans

If you talk about Udemy for Business, there are subscription plans. And they are only for the bigger organizations. Companies like, Amazon, Google, AT&T and dozen more are using Udemy for business to help their employees learn the best skills possible.

It is totally different from Udemy personal subscription plans discussed above. Therefore, please don’t mix the two!

Verdict on Udemy Subscription Plans

If you are an individual who wants to learn a new skill and have plans to take multiple courses, Udemy subscription could be a good option. Otherwise it is best that you only pay for the course you are interested in. This way you won’t have to pay a subscripton fee. And, by paying small onetime fee for the course you enrol to individually, you get lifetime access to it.

There is no point putting money on subscription plans if you are not looking to take multiple coureses. Having mentioned that, let me make it very clear here, only proven and quality courses are included in the Udemy subscription plans. This helps learners to get the best Udemy course for learning everytime.

If you have any questions about Udemy subscription pricing or plans don’t hesitate to ask me. Use the contact form to contact us at anytime..

Udemy offers free courses as well, you may be interested in leaning about that as well: Udemy Free Courses List

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