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Udemy $1 Coupon Code [Update]



Hey guys if you are looking for Udemy $1 coupon code then we have news for you. This coupon code has long been retired by Udemy. Instead, you can take a look at various other Udemy coupon codes that we publish on regular intervals.

In the past, Udemy $1 Coupon codes were quite popular, both instructors and Udemy offered it to the learners. But that was way way back when Udemy was quite new. This kind of built audience for them, so it made sense to offer such insane discount for premium courses. However, continuing that in the longer run was not feasible for the organization and the instructors.

So, the company had to change its coupons and deals policy and introduced Udemy $5 and $10 Coupon codes. These special discount codes were frequently pushed as:

However, after a great success $5 coupon codes were also retired. And, 3 years back, Udemy retired $10 coupon codes as well.

best udemy coupon code $1

More About Udemy $1 Coupon

Udemy $1 coupon is the reason why the platform got huge popularity initially. But, coupon codes like $5 and $10 took them even more further. Presently, none of these coupon codes are operational, and Udemy has introduced new coupon codes. And they are already very popular among learners.

Anyone from any part of the world can utilize the new coupon codes. No matter whether you are living in USA, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else, you get the best discount available associated with that coupon.

So, the new coupon codes are like this: Udemy $9.99 Coupon, $10.99, $11.99, $12.99, $13.99, $14.99…and so on till $29.99.

These new Udemy coupon codes are always in fraction. And, we share them on our website every now and then. These discount codes and sales are available frequently.

So, do use them when required. There is no need to pay the full price for Udemy courses.

Remember, Udemy offers over 50,000 online courses on 1000s of topics. These courses are created by professional instructors. Each course go through moderation before going live on Udemy. So you can expect these courses to be offering a lot of value.

Another great thing is, when you enroll in Udemy paid courses, you can interact with the instructors and fellow learners through Q&A forum and direct messaging.

So do choose your courses and the instructors carefully to learn from the best.

Udemy Coupon 100% OFF

We have been getting so many messages about 100% OFF Udemy Coupon. To answer all your questions, we would like to inform you that, there is no such coupon available sitewide! However, 100% OFF Coupon can only be shared by Udemy Instructors. And, we have been lucky enough to have good relations with top Instructors. Every now and then we get 100% OFF coupon codes from them.

One can take a look at all the 100% OFF Udemy coupons through our coupon section. We also have the search box on the website, you can perform a quick search to find out these coupon codes. 

Even if you don’t find 100% Udemy Coupon, don’t worry, as we have so many offer running all the time, you will never pay full price for Udemy courses!

Best Udemy Coupon Code

At present, the best Udemy coupon code is $9.99 coupon code. This coupon code is available on on special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year Sale. And, the moment this coupon code become available, we will share that with you.

To get this coupon code in your inbox, you can sign up to receive our newsletter. Or, simply follow is on social media where we continuously share exclusive coupon codes.

So, anyone looking for the best Udemy coupon code to save big, $9.99 coupon or sale is your go to event.

If any of your friends and family wants to take a course on Udemy, let them know about these deals. You will be doing a great favor to them.


Udemy is the number one platform for learning new skills in terms of the quantity of courses they offer. Finding a course of your choice on the platform should not be tough for learners. And when you find your favorite course, don’t forget to use Udemy coupon codes. You may end up getting a top course at the price of lunch.

So do keep in mind.

Happy Learning.

Exclusive udemy coupon codes



TDC always strives to bring its users exclusive Udemy coupon codes. Using these codes learners can save up to 95% on select courses.

We have been posting all the offers and deals that Udemy runs throughout the year every now and then.

Our deals help users save a lot of money as the coupon code we provide brings down the course price from $200 to $10.

We are approached by the course creators or their marketing teams often. They are always willing to post their exclusive coupon codes on our platform. But we make sure only the verified coupon codes go live on our site.

Exclusive Udemy Coupon codes

Angular JS Essentials – Learn Angular JS Step by Step (Video Course)

Exclusive udemy coupon-Angular JS Essential course

The course is Created by Web Engineer Larry Chakir. The Instructor of the course is Shahzaib Kamal

The course has following stats:

Feedback: 4.2 (90 ratings)
Students Enrolled: 4,686 students enrolled
Coupon Code Discount: 95% OFF,  the cost will come down to $10 after the coupon is applied
Here’s the link with coupon code appliedView here

The coupon is valid for now and might expire as and when the instructor decides to, make a quick decision and save up to 95%.

Bootstrap Tutorial – Essentials From Basic to Advanced (Video Course)

The course is created by Larry Chakir. With this course you can  learn how to build a website using bootstrap from scratch.

Exclusive udemy coupon code-Learn How to Build a Website Using Bootstrap from Scratch

The course has the following stats:

Feedback: 3.9 (22 ratings)
Students Enrolled: 1,492 students enrolled
Coupon Code Discount: 95% OFF,  the cost will come down to $10 after the coupon is applied
Here’s the link with coupon code applied: View here

How to Buy a House Step by Step for First Time Home Buyer (Video Course)

how to buy a house in USA

The course teaches you the complete steps to buying a house in USA. After completion of this course, you will have the clear understanding and the confidence to buy a home on your own.

The course is created and instructed by Larry Chakir. Following are course stats:

Feedback: 4.9 (16)
Students Enrolled: 590 students enrolled
Coupon Code Discount: 95% OFF,  the cost will come down to $10 after the coupon is applied
Here’s the link with coupon code applied: View here

Above posted are some of the exclusive udemy coupon codes we have for now. Do come back to this page often as we intend to update it frequently. If you are an instructor and want to send us your exclusive offers reach us through our Contact Us Page .Or send us a message on our Facebook Page.

Also never miss an offer from Udemy, bookmark our Udemy Page