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Sramana Mitra is the Founder and CEO of One Million by One Million / 1Mby1M. In this post we are going to share exclusive coupon codes to Sramana Mitra Courses. Do use them and let your friends know about it. Even though Sramana Mitra is quite new on Udemy but her experience and the expertise is impeccable. Down below you will read more about Sramana Mitra.

As of 21st of October 2021, Sramana has 28 courses hosted on Udemy. Anyone looking to grow their career, business and organization should consider looking at Mitra’s high quality courses. With our coupon which auto applies to Sramana Mitra’s Udemy courses, you will get the best discount possible.

More About Sramana Mitra and her Udemy Courses

Sramana Mitra is the Author of entrepreneur journeys book series and Vision India 2020. She was named top 10 LinkedIn influencer alongside Richard Branson and Bill Gates. As an entrepreneur Chief Executive Officer she ran these companies: DAIS, Intarka, and Uuma.

With her company One Million by One Million(1Mby1M) she’s aiming to help 1 million entrepreneurs reach $1 million in revenue and beyond globally. With such clear vision and entrepreneurial values, we totally believe that she will be able to achieve that target.

Sramana Mitra holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As mentioned above, at the moment, Mitra has 28 courses on Udemy, each covering topics in great lengths.

Sramama Mitra Udemy Courses (Coupon Auto Applies)

The following Sramana Mitra courses on Udemy are our personal favorites and we totally recommend them to learners. So do check them out and enjoy the discount that auto applies on respective course page:

  • Bootstrapping a Startup with a Paycheck – View here
  • Alternatives to Unicorn Chasing Investors  – View here
  • How To Build Unicorn Tech Startups – View here
  • Startup Ideas for the Post Covid World – View here
  • Keys to Success for Women Entrepreneurs – View here

So do try a course from above list or any of the 28 courses Sramana has on Udemy and get the best discount. If you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to let us know with a clear message.

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