IndiaJane offers upto 50% off on furniture and other products

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Indiajane is offering upto 50% discount on luxry furniture and other home furnishings. One of the leading UK retailers of luxury home furnishings is running multiple discounts.

Here are the top picks from Indiajane

24% off Billiard Oak Dining Table was £4950, now only £3750: View here

50% off Mekong Cabinet, now only £395: View here

Clemence Footstool was £575, now only £295: View here

Save 25% on Shanxi Dining Table, now only £2850: View here

Chepstop Dining Table was £4500, now only £3375: View here

30% off Lute Dining Table, now only £1575: View here

New York Crystal Lamp Base was £395, now only £250: View here

56% off Aviary Large Nickel Lantern, now only £125: View here

Brasserie Dining Chair was £250 now only £65. Save 74%: View here

50% off Helene Sideboard, now only £945: View here

52% off Savoy Sofa, now only £550: View here

Richelieu was £375 now only £200: View here

Billiard Oak Dining Table indiajane



Above are the top picks from Indiajane that you can consider. There are plenty that you can check when you visit their website. The offer is exclusively brought to you by  If you know someone who will love this, please feel free to share it with them.

We will add more offers and discount coupons from Indiajane in coming days, do keep an eye on our website. Its a great time to save some quids.

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