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Udemy is presenting another opportunity for the learners to enroll in their top online courses for just $10. Consider looking at this new offer from this giant online education marketplace.

Important dates for this offer

  • Start date:17th of Oct 2017 12:00 am PST
  • End Date: 20th of 20th 2017 11:59 pm PST

The offer lasts for 4 days, you have plenty of time to decide on the course you want to take. Be wise enough and only add the courses that will give your career a boost.

Top Udemy courses that you can consider

Following are some of the top trending Udemy courses that you should consider:

  • Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (Created by Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, SuperDataScience Team) Go to the course
  • The Web Developer Bootcamp (Created by Colt Steele) Go to the course
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017–12 Courses in 1 (Created by Rob Percival, Daragh Walsh) Go to the course
  • Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python (Created by Jose Portilla) Go to the course
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate 2017 (Created by Ryan Kroonenburg) Go to the course
  • Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2017: Fund your Retirement! (Created by Suppoman ®) Go to the course
  • The Unreal Engine Developer Course — Learn C++ & Make Games (Created by Ben Tristem, Sam Pattuzzi, GameDev.tv by Ben Tristem) Go to the course
  • Angular 4 (formerly Angular 2) — The Complete Guide (Created by Maximilian Schwarzmüller) Go to the course
  • Complete Java Masterclass (Created by Tim Buchalka) Go to the course
  • Learn to Code by Making Games — Complete C# Unity Developer (Created by Ben Tristem, GameDev.tv by Ben Tristem) Go to the course
  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 (Created by Rob Percival) Go to the course
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp (Created by Jose Portilla) Go to the course
  • An Entire MBA in 1 Course:Award Winning Business School Prof (Created by Chris Haroun) Go to the course
  • Modern React with Redux (Created by Stephen Grider) Go to the course

Above courses are the top trending Udemy courses for the past 90 days. If you like to view other top courses this year, consider reading this blog post.

New to Udemy? Here are some quick stats for you

  • 50,000 plus online courses hosted on the platform
  • There are courses on 140+ topics/categories
  • 20,000+ professional instructors
  • 15 million+ students
  • You pay once for each course, no other commitments at all. You get lifetime access to the course, once you pay for it
  • Easy refund policies
  • Q & A forums with in the course dashboard
  • Clear curriculum

If you want to learn new skills and you are on budget, I guess Udemy is your best best. Do take advantage of $10 offers that Udemy pushes frequently and take the course on the subject you want to master.

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Excell with udemy $10 courses

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